Is there space in your life for a cat?

panIf you’re thinking about adding a cat to your family, it’s worth spending just a few minutes to find out if you’ve considered all the potential issues, and if your lifestyle can offer a cat everything that it needs.

Do you have allergies?

Allergies are a common reason for people to give up their pets, so if you’ve never hung out with a cat, make sure you spend some time with one before adopting to make sure that you’re not in fact allergic. This would be an incredibly annoying thing to discover afterwards. It’s also worth checking if any close friends or family have allergies, as your cat will affect them when they come over to visit.

Will your cat get enough attention?

Unlike dogs, cats don’t need constant attention. Nevertheless, they still require some entertainment. If you work long hours and intend to keep your cat indoors, it might be worth getting two cats so that they can keep each other occupied. A bored cat is an unhappy cat, and an unhappy cat could very well become a naughty cat.

Can you make space in your home for a cat?

If you have small children and an indoor cat, you’ll need to place the litter box somewhere that is both easily accessible for the cat and not accessible for children. As well as a litter box, your cat will need a food and water bowl, toys and maybe even a scratching post. Make sure you have room in your house or apartment for all of these things.

What kind of cat would suit you?

Most people go for kittens when they get a new cat, but older cats are worth considering too. Kittens are small, cute bundles of hyperactivity that require a bit more attention than an older cat, and often need to be trained to use the litter box. Older cats are a good choice for those who want a cat with a little less energy.

Where will you get your cat from?

If you’re not concerned about getting a particular breed, the best place to find a cat would be your local SPCA or other animal rescue organisation such as the Lonely Miaow (Auckland), Cats Protection League (Wellingon) or HUHA.

Animates has also teamed up with the SPCA to offer rescued cats in some of their stores. If it’s important to you to get a rescued cat and you want to buy one from Animates, call ahead first to make sure they have them, as not all stores take part in the scheme.

Once you have your cat, don’t be surprised if it takes a while for it to settle into its new home. With a little time and love, your new cat will soon be an inseparable part of your family!

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